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Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

The Best Care

Full range of Obstetrics & Gynaecological care is available at Yash Chest Centre, Meerut under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Manisha Tyagi, one of the most reputed gynecologist of Meerut.

Obstetrics (Antenatal Care), refers to complete care and treatment during  pregnancy for both expecting mother and her baby. As pregnancy is becoming more challenging due to changing lifestyle and various other factors a good  obstetrician helps you throughout the course of pregnancy with regular check-ups to prevent any potential health problems.

Gynaecology, deals with functions and diseases specific to females  especially those affecting the reproductive system. Gynaecological care involves care for common gynaecological problems as  contraception, PAP smears including management of abnormal smears, Colposcopy, Abnormal uterine bleeding, Irregular Menstrual cycles, Menopause etc.

Fertility Treatment: Parenthood is one of the most beautiful dreams of any couple. Due to changing lifestyles and increased level of stress many couple find difficult to conceive. Fertility treatment, also known as Infertility treatment needs careful evaluation by your gynaecologist with the help of various tests to get the results.

Cervical Cancer, is one of the most prevalent cancer in women. This is also one of the easiest gynaecological cancer that can be prevented only when screened at early stage. Dr. Manish Tyagi provides complete gynaecological care by regular screening and follow up diagnostics tests like Pap Smears & HRV test to detect any pre-cancer stage.

Fibroids, most frequently seen tumors in females reproductive system. They are noncancerous but causes heavy menstrual periods, pelvic pain and mostly lead to infertility when not addressed on time and properly managed by an expert gynaecologist.

Painless Delivery, is now one of the most opted delivery process to enjoy the happiness of being parent. It’s totally fine and healthy for both the baby and the mother. Painless delivery is the option to have a normal painless delivery if possible instead of going through C-Section due to fear of pain during delivery. Consult Dr. Manisha Tyagi at Yash Chest Centre, Meerut to enjoy the journey of parenthood with painless delivery.

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